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Found objects, stone, steel cable, rubber, silver, brass, rope

Many of the things that I make are extremely time-consuming. Or at least that’s the way it feels. Maybe I just haven’t been giving this fundamental part of who I am – the Robin that makes, draws and writes things in an (occasionally successful) attempt to make sense of the world and communicate that with others – quite enough time. I’d say a balance of both. Speaking about this with a friend a couple of weeks ago, she asked me whether my lack of creative activity was because I am not giving myself permission to carry that out.



The pieces in the Essentials collection can be read in two different ways. Possibly more, but only two spring to mind right now. Firstly, they can be seen as distillations of the more complex items; objects with fewer components and less technical complexity which allow the natural beauty of the stone or other found object to be the absolute centre of the piece by stripping away all but that which is necessary for it to be worn – displayed – somehow. As jewellery which makes an eloquent statement about its wearer without being overly verbose. Small, simple, sparse short stories as a counterpoint to the more drawn-out sagas. Elegant, three dimensional manifestations of decades of experience channelled into these condensed visual haiku.

Secondly, they could

Be seen as a lot cheaper

Than the other ones.