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Page Under Construction. For details of courses and/or to book, please click here or get in touch via the contact page. Below is an outline of proposed courses but please get in touch to discuss.

Basic Silversmithing Skills

Half or full day. Learn some fundamental, ancient elements of silversmithing. Including an introduction to the working properties of silver and some other metals. Using a piercing saw to cut metal to length or shape, filing edges, silver soldering (invisible and after thirty years, still magic!), finishing and polishing. At the end of the session, you will take away a ring or bangle, an inner glow and a stack of information about how to carry on with this fascinating craft.

introduction to Setting

Full day. Bring the ring you made in the basic skills session and make a setting for it! Or just come and learn a variety of ways of encapsulating and incorporating other objects into jewellery. Yes, we can do stones (cabochons or faceted) but I encourage you to think out of the box – is there anything personal to you that you would like to make into an item of unique, statement jewellery? Maybe that pebble or piece of sea-tumbled glass you picked up from the beach.

Introduction to Lost Wax Casting

Two days, a fortnight apart. A technique that has been used for around 6,000 years; the technology has moved on but the fundamental principles are unchanged. On day one, after an introduction to the techniques and principles involved, you will learn how to carve a wax pattern for a ring directly using specific tools. This will be sent for casting and day two will be spent refining and finishing (filing, sanding, polishing and/or patinating) it. The result will be a unique expression of your individuality and a wonderful conversation-starter.